Ferguson mayor faces voters for first time since unrest

By | March 30, 2017

More than two years after this St. Louis suburb exploded in angry — and at times violent — protest following the police shooting of Michael Brown, Ferguson’s white mayor is asking the community’s predominantly black residents to give him a third, three-year term in office.

Mayor James Knowles III, 37, will face voters for the first time since the August 2014 fatal shooting of a black teen by a white police officer pushed this community into the center of a larger national debate about police relations in African-American communities.

Knowles, who was re-elected to his second term just five months before the Brown shooting, faced scorn from black residents and activists after he insisted in a television interview during the early days of the protests that there was no racial divide in Ferguson. He later said he regretted making the comment. He also grumbled in the aftermath of the unrest that he was facing far too much public criticism considering the city entrusts hiring, firing and other decisions on day-to-day matters to a city manager. (USA Today)

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