Question of our age: Blacks’ humanity

By | March 20, 2017

We are still debating the basic humanity of black people and other minority groups.

That’s at the heart of the unrest we’ve seen in places such as Middlebury College, where a professor was attacked by protesters for the sin of having participated in a public discussion with controversial figure Charles Murray, a man who has been labeled a white nationalist because he co-authored “The Bell Curve” and other works many believe are anti-black. It’s what drove protesters into the streets after the Keith Lamont Scott shooting and is why Donald Trump’s victory sent shudders through the souls of black folk, because Trump was rewarded with the White House after spending years practicing open bigotry.

Some of our top thinkers have convinced themselves this is primarily about political correctness run amok and chide the “snowflakes” who can’t handle difficult discussions. But they are blind to a more disturbing reality. Sure, Middlebury students should have instead acquainted themselves with Murray’s work, as a black professor insisted I do when “The Bell Curve” was released while I was a Davidson College student, which is why I know Murray is neither white nationalistic nor particularly important. Intellect, like human behavior, is the result of a complex mixture of genetics and environment that scientists still can’t fully pinpoint. Nothing Murray has written undercuts that truth nor is indispensable in our pursuit to better understand. (Charlotte Observer)

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