President Trump Should Consider CBC Budget If He’s Serious about Helping Black America

By | March 16, 2017

A nation’s budget is a document that reflects its priorities. While President Trump has yet to submit his first budget to Congress, we are already learning what will likely be in it. The President has proposed a $54 billion increase in military spending, which would be offset with deep cuts to programs that support education, rebuild our infrastructure, ensure clean air and water, and protect workplace safety and public health. On top of that, the President has called for massive tax cuts that would primarily benefit the wealthiest among us and put the nation’s finances deeper in the red.

During the contentious 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump called for a “new deal” for Black America. And in an unwieldy press conference just a few weeks ago, the President again mentioned his desire to propose policies that will help and uplift Black America. Unfortunately, we have yet to see any detailed proposal from the White House, and based on what we’re already learning about his first budget, Americans of all races, colors and creeds should be concerned.

If the President is serious about improving the lives of African Americans, he need only look to the Conscience of the Congress: The Congressional Black Caucus. The CBC has been fighting for neglected and underrepresented Americans since its inception in 1971. And for more than three decades, the CBC has developed its own federal budget alternative that is often credited as being fiscally and morally responsible. The CBC has proposed its own budget regardless of who occupies the White House or which party controls Congress. The Fiscal Year 2018 budget cycle is no different. (Voice & Viewpoint)

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