Communities of color must work together in resisting Trump’s agenda

By | March 14, 2017

Now is the time for a lasting coalition of people of color.

The coalition must be between politicians, activists, and other community workers and organizations.

In the age of Trump, everything that was being fought for over the last several years by immigration activists and advocates for police reform is in major jeopardy. Now, we see that the issues overlap, and it will take Civil Rights-era steadfastness and vigilance to protect our human rights.

Many of us were disheartened by the death of Tamir Rice, a young Cleveland boy who was gunned down by police officers. Despite the efforts to portray the desire to reform police as being anti-police, around the nation we found police executives who wanted to find ways to restore trust between officers and the public they serve and better their profession.

The Justice Department investigated cities like Baltimore and Ferguson which lead to consent decrees to initiate cultural and institutional changes in policing.

However, with the new administration, there will be little focus on making those much needed changes. Jeff Sessions, who many argue has been an opponent of Civil Rights for much of his career, has stated that consent decrees “undermine the respect for officers.” (The Hill)

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