This is one black Republican reveling in being an elephant in Democratic D.C.

By | January 25, 2017

Ralph Chittams Sr. is something of an anomaly — a Republican in the District, where three out of four registered voters are Democrats. He is also among the estimated 14 percent of African American men who voted for Donald Trump in the U.S. election.

I visited Chittams at his home in Southeast Washington to learn more about his way of thinking.

A native of Manhattan, Chittams came to Washington in 1978 to attend Howard University. He was a registered Democrat back then, having made the choice because “my parents were Democrats.” Ten years later, in 1988, he registered as a Republican.

“The Democrats running D.C. just went too far left and left me behind,” said Chittams, 56. “Debt was rising, schools were failing and everybody was a victim. There was too much reliance on government to fix what people could do for themselves if they took more personal responsibility.”

After earning a degree in political science, Chittams started Black Elephant Consultants. At a meeting of the D.C. Republican Committee before the November presidential election, Chittams predicted that Trump would win with 300 votes in the electoral college. (Washington Post)

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