Fighting Health Inequality with Neighbors, not Nurses

By | January 24, 2017

Hermione Fraser is a hair stylist and a business owner. She gives advice daily on whether this cut or that braid, a dye-job or highlights will work. She has also given advice on something else: mammograms.

Years back, a program sponsored by the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health called A Soul Sense of Beauty, trained hair stylists to provide health messages to their customers, including information on precisely when and where mammography is available. Fraser was part of it. One of her customers followed-up a conversation in the salon; the mammogram diagnosed breast cancer at a very early stage, when very treatable and the prognosis excellent.

That made a deep impression on Fraser. She now encourages shop owners and employees to become involved in the promotion of health.

“It makes you feel good,” she says, “especially when they come back and tell you they have discussed things with the doctor.” (City Limits)

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