Why having more black leaders in science and tech will boost America’s future

By | December 5, 2016

Here’s one way to think about America’s future in this century. The majority of babies now being born in the United States are of color. They’re Hispanic, black, Asian, Native American, mixed race.

Donald Trump’s tenure as president is not likely to change that, no matter what the white supremacists among his supporters may hope.

The question is — what will he do, as president of all Americans, to help kids of color get a good education, and have ample opportunity to come up through the ranks, adding their ideas and energy to an economy that is, increasingly, knowledge-based? If the answer is not much, or worse — be concerned. Because America will not benefit, as a global leader or as a society, from holding back the potential of half its future workforce.

Of course, some non-white Americans have a harder time breaking the color barrier — especially in cutting edge fields. African-Americans, in 2011, made up 11 percent of the total workforce — pretty close to their actual share of total population. But they made up only 6 percent of STEM workers — that’s, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the areas where innovations that change lives often happen. (Public Radio International)

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