North Carolina Republicans conspired to limit early voting to keep African-Americans from the polls

By | November 3, 2016

A new report has revealed that North Carolina Republicans conspired to limit the operating hours of early voting polling places, in the hopes it would limit minority turnout.

Emails uncovered by Reuters through a public records request revealed that local Republican leaders lobbied at least 17 county election boards to limit the hours that voting sites could stay open — particularly to cut down on weekends and evenings, when Democratic voter turnout tends to be higher.

They also insisted that county election boards open fewer voting sites. State Republican officials claimed they opposed keeping polls open during evenings and weekends because they wanted to conserve county resources.

While North Carolina has added nearly 5,900 voting hours and 78 voting sites since 2012, voter turnout has dropped by 20 percent in those counties that only opened one polling site during the first week of early voting. (Salon Magazine)

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