North Carolina voters flood polls after voting battle

By | October 28, 2016

Lines were long and excitement high as people queued in unusually hot fall weather on the first day of early voting in North Carolina.

Some 162,000 people cast their ballots on Thursday, according to numbers given by the state’s Board of Elections.

The voting season follows months of legal wrangling over polling schedules and other voting regulations that rights advocates and a federal court said disproportionately affected African Americans – a demographic that generally support the Democrats.

“We’re going blue,” said Bill Jones, a 69-year-old African American, referring to the colour of the Democratic Party. He waited for two hours outside the University City Regional Library to vote.

In 2008, Barack Obama reversed decades of Republican election wins in North Carolina. But in 2012, the state flipped Republican again. (Westside Gazette)

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