Why Militant is the New Black Excellence

By | August 11, 2016

Ronald Mason isn’t a stranger to taking strong public positions when it comes to saving black folks. The distinguished three-time HBCU president who laid a foundation for Jackson State University’s evolution as a high-research public flagship institution, and virtually saved Southern University from financial ruin and legislative assault, finds himself at the University of the District of Columbia?—?freed of the southern-fried politics and internal conflicts that too often put blinders on broad visions for HBCU sustainability in public contexts.

A community college, a law school, and a four-year institution comprise the District’s flagship land-grant institution; a dream come true (relatively) in terms of academic service delivery options, public funding, accessibility and compatibility with the community and industrial needs of the nation’s capital.

From all angles, Mason has struck historically black gold. And then he goes and does something silly like break down race in America. (HBCU Digest)

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