While U.S. Government Fights Foreign Terrorists, Poll Shows Young Blacks ‘Very Concerned’ About White Homegrown Terror

By | August 10, 2016

A recent poll has revealed heightened fears among young Blacks and Latinos concerning acts of terror committed by white, homegrown extremists — more so than acts of violence committed by foreign terrorists.

According to a GenForward Poll, 65 percent of Blacks and 65 percent of Latinos surveyed expressed grave concern over the threat of terrorist violence at the hands of white extremists compared to just one-third of whites and 41 percent of Asian-Americans.

The poll also found that acts of violence committed by foreign extremists were particularly unnerving for young Latinos: 56 percent of Latino respondents said they were very concerned, while 49 percent of African-Americans, 40 percent of Asian-Americans, and 41 percent of whites expressed the same sentiment.

Carried out by the University of Chicago’s Black Youth Project, in conjunction with the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, the GenFoward Poll is a monthly survey aimed at addressing “the absence in voice of young people, specifically those of African-American and Latino backgrounds.” According to the poll’s official website, a custom panel of young Americans is utilized in the oversampling of Black, Latino and Asian-American respondents.

“The GenForward Survey is the first of its kind—a nationally representative survey of over 1750 young adults ages 18-30 conducted monthly that pays special attention to how race and ethnicity shape how respondents experience and think about the world,” the website states. (Atlanta Black Star)

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