The Black Power Movement: 50 Years Later

By | June 3, 2016

We all agree that the 1960s was the de- cade that changed America and the world. However, while the entire decade was iconic, the last half of that decade set the pace that would influence the rest of the century and serve as a harbinger for the Black youth activism 50 years later in 2016.

1966 was two years before the most tragic and most iconic year in that decade, i.e., 1968, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was cut down, — stopped in his prime — by assassin James Earl Ray. Clearly, while the activism of the late 50s and the first five years of the 1960s set the stage for 1966, the confluence of world events and the domestic African-American struggle for justice distinguished it as the pivotal year.

To commemorate the historical events that occurred in that iconic year and the movement that it set in motion, several events will take place and give credit to this year in the month of June as the beginning of the movement that changed the nation and the world, i.e., Black Power.

The 50th anniversary will be commemorated from June 16 thru 20 around the nation. The National Black Political Convention will convene from June 9-12, which is 44 years after the landmark meeting in Gary, Indiana in 1972. The 45h Annual Rainbow PUSH Convention, June 25-29, will take place at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Hotel and celebrate 50 years since the founding of Operation Breadbasket (later renamed Rainbow PUSH) and the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s appointment as the head of it. (Chicago Defender)

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