After Ferguson, Unintended Consequences Of Municipal Overhaul

By | December 18, 2015

Following the protests over Michael Brown’s shooting death in Ferguson, Mo., last year, aggressive ticketing in St. Louis County’s towns and cities elicited national scrutiny. That practice also caught the attention of the Missouri General Assembly, which clamped down on ticket-happy policing.

But the new law is having some unintended consequences. And some of St. Louis County’s municipal leaders are fighting back.

When the Missouri Legislature altered how towns and cities can collect traffic fine revenue, it was supposed to help people like Jaquin Holmes. The St. Louis resident says he’s been hassled by municipal police departments around here, many of which garnered a bad reputation for writing lots and lots of tickets.

“You can see that we don’t have any oversight. We don’t have any say. And it’s really an oppressive system,” Holmes says. (NPR)

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