Should Black People Vote Republican?

By | October 29, 2014

We are less than a week away from the critical Midterm elections. 29% of Americans are satisfied with the direction of the country, while 65% are dissatisfied. In keeping with history, the President’s party nearly always loses seats, and next week will be no different. Americans want more from Congress and the Obama Administration. I know I do.

The common theme in liberal ads has been ‘Republicans are against everything.’

When people tell me that Republicans don’t have any ideas for this country or Black America,

My response is: “That couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

Blacks represent 10% of Americans, but unemployment for Black women is 11.6% and has been over 11% for the past six-years of the Obama Presidency. And unfortunately, we are 22 percent of the long-term unemployed. We all know when America catches a cold, Black America catches pneumonia and the President’s policies have hardly raised the tide for a majority of Black Americans. We have seen the greatest loss of black wealth, housing, and jobs in a generation under this Administration than ever before. Poverty has soared to 16.1% with 8 million little girls and boys growing up in poverty. There is a gap in promises and results. (Ebony)

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