Battle for Black Voters’ Rights Rages on in North Carolina

By | July 5, 2014

Midterm elections are right around the corner, and for the North Carolina NAACP and the Advancement Project, this month represents a do-or-die moment in what will be the last time to put an end to the sweeping voter-suppression law enacted in June 2013 before voting starts this year.

At an injunction hearing scheduled for Monday, the state NAACP plans to challenge the law by providing a detailed breakdown of how exactly it contributes to the disenfranchisement of African Americans and Latinos.

As the law, which is often dubbed the worst voter-suppression law in the country, stands now, it slices off a week of early voting, eliminates same-day voter registration as well as pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds and authorizes poll observers to challenge people who show up to vote. It also requires a government-issued photo-ID card in order to vote … but doesn’t allow student IDs, public-employee IDs or IDs issued by public assistance agencies. And that is just scratching the surface of what the law limits. (The Root)

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