Comcast Indefinitely Extends Low-Cost Broadband for Poor Families

By | March 5, 2014

Comcast, which is preparing to ask federal regulators to approve its proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable, said Tuesday it would extend indefinitely its program that provides low-cost broadband service and computers to poor families and give $1 million in neighborhood grants to support digital literacy.

Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, which offers $9.95 a month broadband service in poor neighborhoods, has already signed up 300,000 families for home Internet service, Comcast said.

As a condition for approval of its 2011 takeover of NBC Universal, Comcast made a three-year commitment to operate the program, which also offers Internet-ready computers to eligible families for $150. The company has sold more than 23,000 of those computers.

“In just two and a half years, this groundbreaking initiative has connected more than 1.2 million low-income Americans, or 300,000 families, to broadband Internet at home,” David L. Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast, said. The company estimates that 2.6 million families in the company’s service areas qualify for the program. (New York Times)

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