Black Press is vital weapon in our fight for rights

By | February 21, 2014

February is African-American History Month, and it is only fitting that I am writing this piece for a newspaper that serves the second-largest African-American population per capita income in the United States – DeKalb County, Ga.

Today, some African-Americans still appreciate the relevance of newspapers like Cross­Roads­News that inform and serve the community with necessary information to equip citizens to be more engaged in the growth and development.

However, many of us take the African-American media outlets for granted today. The Black Press has been a powerful tool in helping African-Americans liberate themselves from the bondage of systemic and institutional oppression, repression, and the brutality of a racist society.

The pen is one of the most powerful weapons to combat injustice. Even after wars are fought treaties must be written – to establish the social order. (CrossRoadsNews)

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