Black men, please stand up

By | February 21, 2014

I’m tired of the stories — story after negative story — about African-American male youth. If we are going to turn around the crime and violence in our community, it is going to require all of us, especially African-American men, to step forward and get involved.

For almost nine years, I have been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia. Eighty-three percent of the children in this program are African-Americans, as are 31 of the 37 boys currently waiting for a mentor.

Why are more men of color not stepping up?

It can’t be the time required. The agency requires a commitment of just four to six hours a month.

It can’t be financial. Every week the agency sends out ideas for inexpensive and in many cases free activities available in the community to foster dialogue between the mentor and his Little Brother.

Or is it the perception that those of a certain socio-economic class are not wanted that is hindering good black men from stepping up and mentoring? Not having the corner-office-type job; being a blue-collar worker. (The State)

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  • tomidee

    Stop accepting the hype, black men have enough to do trying to please everyone. Furthermore young black men don’t need mentoring, to die in a one gun shootout. Yes we see it happening where we live, and it makes us angry, but it also occurs in white areas. Oddly enough most of those areas are rural so its published in the small town newspaper. Until it becomes nation news, like Kids for Cash in Pennsylvania, we never know it exists. If blacks have the knowledge to end the crime in their neighborhoods, the feds will probably hire them or use their methods to do the same across the country, since crime is a societal problem. Stop believing the hype, because whites lay the guilt on us. Remember it was a young white male who gunned down 20 elementary school children.

  • tesmith47

    the real root of our problem is the on going impoverishment of our community not just economically but intellectually.
    too many do not know what is really happening and just react as free agents