Why the Black Vote Is Crucial in 2014

By | February 10, 2014

In 2012, history was made—again. For the first time, African-American voters turned out at a higher rate than the national average, and helped lift President Barack Obama to a second term while helping Democrats add eight seats in the House of Representatives.

As we honor the 88th Black History Month, we celebrate the strides so many African Americans have made, and recognize their outsized impact at the ballot box. This fall, the congressional midterms will be another opportunity to rewrite the history books and defy expectations in a midterm election.

And there’s no question that it can be done.

Propelled by the overwhelming support and turnout of African-American voters, President Bill Clinton and Democrats in Congress gained five seats in 1998 and shocked pundits and prognosticators alike. Like President Clinton, President Obama has been confronted by obstacles beyond his control. Since this Republican Congress took the majority in 2011, they have blocked President Obama’s agenda at every turn—all because they want to protect special interests at the expense of middle-class families. (The Root)

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