Why Christie’s appeal to minority voters in New Jersey won’t immediately translate to the national stage

By | November 4, 2013

Gov. Chris Christie, on the verge of a resounding reelection victory in New Jersey, is prepared to cast his victory there as a sign he can appeal to the minority voters who have increasingly shunned the GOP and potentially lift the party to victory in 2016 if Republicans choose him as their presidential candidate.

Polls show Christie could win as much as 30 percent of the black vote and half of the Latino vote on Tuesday against his Democratic opponent, State Sen. Barbara Buono, who has generated little enthusiasm even within her own party. Bill Galston, who was a top policy adviser to President Clinton, has called Christie “formidable” as a White House candidate, while Patrick Murray, director of polling at Monmouth University in New Jersey, said, “We are looking at a potential 20-point margin in a blue state and an outright win among Hispanic voters. What more could a 2016 GOP presidential contender ask for?”

“The eyes of America will be on New Jersey on November 5th,” Christie himself said a few weeks ago, according to The Star Ledger, the largest paper in Newark. “When we have the country looking at us … what they’re going to see is a coalition supporting the governor like no other Republican has anywhere in the country: Hispanic voters, African-American voters, members of the building trades unions, people who live in the suburbs, people who live in cities, people who live on our farms, in the north of our state, in the central part and in the south. We’re putting together a broad coalition of people who are speaking out really loudly and saying we can work together and America needs to do this differently.” (The Grio)

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