Segregation Found In N.J. Education System

By | October 16, 2013

The Rutgers Institute on Education Law and Policy (IELP) has released a report revealing double segregation prominent New Jersey schools.  The report showed that a majority of minority students in New Jersey face isolation by race and economic status.

IELP titled the report “New Jersey’s Apartheid and Intensely Segregated Urban Schools: Powerful Evidence of an Inefficient and Unconstitutional State Education System”. It refers to New Jersey’s “apartheid” schools because of their overwhelming similarities to schools created by apartheid laws. The report defines these schools as having zero to one percent White students, and “intensely segregated” schools as having zero to 10 percent White students.

Racial segregation can be problem more frequently seen in states in the South. However, African American students in New Jersey are twice as likely to attend “apartheid” schools than students in the South. Coming after the areas around Chicago and Detroit, New Jersey has the third highest fraction of black students in the state in “apartheid” schools, with 26 percent in attendance. (New Jersey Newsroom)

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