African American Pastor Blames Civil Rights Movement for State of the Black Family

By | October 15, 2013

An African American pastor blamed the Civil Rights Movement for the weakened state of the black family and agreed with Christian social science experts that a re-emphasis on family will empower the black population.

Due to the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans “went in one election cycle from being 95% Republican to 70 to 80 percent Democrat – from that point, blacks began to change their mentality from the provision of God and the church to the provision of government,” Bishop Wellington Boone, a church leader and bestselling author, said. He spoke at the conservative Heritage Foundation on Thursday as part of the Coalition of African American Pastors’ Leadership Conference.

After describing a social system where pastors encouraged men to provide for their families and churches stepped in to help the poor, Boone blamed the Civil Rights Movement for separating the family from the church and weakening the commitment of black men and women to each other. “The Civil Rights Movement led those same people from the steps of the altars to the steps of the Federal Government,” he declared.

When marriages break up, “social cost runs high, government increases, and social mobility declines,” Ryan Anderson, William E. Simon fellow in Religion and a Free Society at the Heritage Foundation, explained. (Christian Post)

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