Condoleezza Rice Should Be Howard’s Next President

By | October 8, 2013

Great acrimony hangs over Georgia Avenue today. Howard has assets that should make the university the most desirable, elite job in historically black higher education. But with changing financial culture for African-Americans of all classes, shifting perspectives on how higher ed can best service American industry, and growing crises in black communities requiring the aid of HBCU research and outreach, Howard is not a job for the hesitant or one who does not yield power and influence outside of the office of the president.

Howard needs a rare leader. One who yields sway over corporate benefactors, high academic credentials, and a complex understanding of challenges facing black people and black communities. The list is long of potential candidates who can pull off one or two of those qualities, but short on folks with the triple crown.

But the one Howard should be targeting, if it’s leaders haven’t done so already, is Condoleezza Rice. (Huffington Post)

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