FAMU: The story behind the headlines

By | June 23, 2013

When students enroll at Florida A&M University, we enter into a pact. When public and private funds are provided to support our students and operations, we are committed to effective stewardship.

Our team — the faculty, staff and administration — agree to provide inspirational teaching, character building, extracurricular experiences and a safe and stimulating environment in which students can learn and grow. In return, our students accept the challenge of cultivating a strong knowledge base built upon the foundation of our core values to become successful adults. They accept the challenge of pushing themselves to improve their own lives and the livelihood of their communities.

Our team adheres to the highest standards of accountability while working in a collaborative spirit to resolve issues when they occur.

Many of the headlines associated with FAMU over the past 18 months provide a painful reminder that now is the time to push even harder for continuous improvement to satisfy our own expectations and those of our constituents.

But what the headlines do not convey is the broader context — a story of a university that has been working arduously to address the issues behind the headlines and to get even better at our many positive attributes. (Ocala Star-Banner)

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