The Black Conservative Who Could Save the GOP

By | March 25, 2013

For Republicans, Dr. Ben Carson, the pediatric neurosurgeon, could be just what the doctor ordered. He’s accomplished, he’s articulate, he’s respected by his peers … and he’s a black conservative whose political fortunes are rising faster than a shooting star.

Dr. Carson, 61, is a big-hearted Christian who favors smaller, more responsible government. He stirred up the faithful at CPAC two weeks ago when he said he would retire from his medical practice at Johns Hopkins in the near future and might be open – might be – to playing some political role in Washington.

“I want to quit while I’m at the top of my game, and there are so many more things that could be done,” Carson said. Then he added, “Let’s say you magically put me in the White House.” That earned him a standing ovation. (The Fiscal Times)

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