Karl Rove Racist? Tells Donna Brazile She Owes Him Fried Chicken

By | March 25, 2013

Where Karl Rove goes, headlines are sure to follow. The famed Republican strategist was part of the round table on ABCs This Week where he talked about the future of the Republican party. Karl Rove was debating the now infamous postmortem of the GOP following the 2012 election with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. It was during that conversation where he told the lifelong democrat that she owed him some fried chicken. What’s wrong with that? Well, a lot.

The exchange came as part of a discussion on how — like Democrats in the past—Republicans will have to remake themselves if they want to win future elections. Donna Brazile told Karl Rove that he owed her some chili to which he responded in his best southern accent, “You owe me some fried chicken.” Brazile quickly followed up by reminding him that she saved his life from malaria once. Though Brazile did not appear to be offended, Karl’s comments lit up Twitter. (policymic)

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