Proclamation Honors Harriet Tubman, Buffalo Soldier

By | March 24, 2013

President Barack Obama will sign a Proclamation on Monday that designates five new national monuments under the Antiquities Act. Two of the new monuments include the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument in Maryland and the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Ohio.

President Barack Obama has used the second term of his presidency to make a series of moves that have figured prominently in defining the African-American experience.

Tubman is perhaps the most-well-known “conductor” of the Railroad, which helped enslaved African Americans gain freedom. Stewart’s Canal, the tunnel dug by the hands of freedmen and slaves, will be a part of the park’s many exhibits. The park will also be the site of the home of Jacob Jackson, a free man who used an elaborate system to assist Tubman in communicating with family and friends. (Washington Informer)

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