Jesse Jackson, Jr. and the End of Black Dynasty Politics

By | December 4, 2012

Let’s hope that the final act, fall and last episode of (newly) former Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. also means the end of Black dynasty politics. So far, though, it’s not looking all that good in Illinois’ 2 nd Congressional district. Windy City’s whistling, frigid winds have not managed to blow the trash out as a band of political misfits and usual shady suspects are lining up to take his place.

It’s a shame since it’s the last thing the 2 nd District needs at the moment. As one of the most tightly held and exclusively Democratic seats in the country, the district is nearly three-quarters African American and rife with poverty. Residents were already dropping to their bedroom floors like soldiers on the Western front, dodging gang-banging bullets late at night while putting their kids to sleep. Recession, like any other American urban metropolis, never stopped in certain parts of Chicago, especially places like Ford Heights – for example – where the median household income is less than the national average. In its demographic brief, The Almanac of American Politics claims the district has the highest rate of single mothers per capita in the country. While attempting numerous public displays of affection as a way to dispel looming federal probe rumors, even Jackson went so far as to openly solicit job resumes from constituents to place in the Congressional record. He ended up getting 10,000.

Not wanting to get too much into Jackson’s personal turmoil (blind can’t lead the blind and no sense in beat downs while dude is half dead on the ground), it does stand to point out the shenanigans that took place during his brief re-elected moment. Constituents felt outright played; perhaps that’s justified as Jackson scalped more than a duffel bag of wolf tickets throughout. (Uptown Magazine)

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