Black Enterprise: Mitt Romney Talks Black Unemployment, Voters and Entrepreneurs

By | October 24, 2012

With the debates over, the election is heading into the homestretch as President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney seek to convince Americans that they have the best plan to advance the nation. Among the big issues of this campaign has been unemployment, small business and diversity. I gained the opportunity to interview Republican nominee Mitt Romney about his “Believe in America” platform promoting limited government and tax reform.

Although polls show that his support from African Americans is almost nil, the former Massachusetts governor and ex-CEO of private equity firm Bain Capital has engaged in some activities to reach out to African American voters through his appearance at this year’s NAACP convention, the release of a targeted campaign commercial featuring African American endorsers, installation of a black political advisory group and recruitment of high-profile GOP operative and conservative pundit Tara Wall as a senior communications adviser to advance his message. (Black Enterprise)

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