Blacks and the political conventions

By | September 20, 2012

Coming out of the respective party conventions, most African Americans will cast their votes for President Barack Obama again despite what that presidency continues to cost us. As President Obama seeks a second term there is no expectation of any change in Blacks’ voting patterns. Though Blacks are no better off under Obama than during either of the Bush presidencies, Blacks will certainly give Obama strong support on November 6. The Republicans’ nominee, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has little history with African Americans. And, anti-African American segments within the GOP make Republican office-seekers’ outreach appeals to Blacks difficult. Romney’s Mormon faith puts many African Americans off because for much of their history, Mormons considered Blacks to be inferior to Whites.

The Romney/Ryan campaign illustrates that the divide that existed between African Americans and the Republican Party in the past has now become a chasm. It’s being reported that Obama currently has 94 percent of Black American voters’ support. There’s little effort on the part of Romney/Ryan to garner African Americans’ votes.

According to the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll conducted in August, “zero percent” of African Americans support Romney, though he has made overtures that include comments he made to the NAACP in Houston: “I am running for president because I know that my policies and vision will help hundreds of millions of middle-class Americans of all races, will lift people from poverty, and will help prevent people from becoming poor. My campaign is about helping the people who need help. The course the President has set has not done that – and will not do that. My course will.” (Washington Informer)

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