Does Mitt Romney have a plan for Urbanites

By | April 18, 2012

In order to gain the attention of urban dwellers, politicians need to know what their wants and needs are. Rather than preaching empty promises, one must speak truths with charisma, thus earning true support (and swing votes) from the very people necessary to win the presidential race.

Blacks, Latinos and many others are ready to make the bold move to stand with Mitt Romney, if only he shows them why they should.

In a 2007 YouTube video, a young man named Cory, from North Hollywood, California, asks Mitt Romney what he is doing to reach out to African Americans. He further questions why Romney was a “no-show” at the recent debate at Morgan State University.

Fast forwarding to 2012, Mitt Romney has yet to reveal a plan of action for the urban people leaving open the question of whether the Romney team has a plan for the urban communities? (Washington Times)

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