Why Conservative Blacks Vote Democrat

By | April 16, 2012

The short answer to why conservative blacks vote Democrat is racism. The Midwest Political Science Association began Thursday with a discussion on “Racial Identity and Political Attitudes”. A panel at the event concluded that conservative black voters identify with the Democratic party and support President Obama.

The Midwest Political Science Association is a conference of political scholars from around the country. The conference is held in Chicago and spans four days. The topic of Mitt Romney and the black vote came up the very first day during a discussion of “More than Meets the Eye: The Nature of Black Conservatism” by Tasha Philpot of the University of Texas in Austin.

Philpot’s studies conclude that more and more blacks are moving to conservatism, yet they identify with the Democrats and vote for Democrats. Whereas, whites moving to call themselves conservatives also call themselves Republicans. (Gather)

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