Black In America: Why Black Media Needs to Succeed In Digital to Accelerate Innovation

By | December 27, 2011

African Americans Are Trendsetters

We have always been trendsetters whether it’s fashion, gadgets, music, or businesses African Americans have been pioneers in most cases. As I think about my early days growing up I realize that it was because of black media that I always known how we impacted the world. This in turn gave me the confidence to realize that I to could to one day help set trends as well. In times when it was almost impossible to find black images for us to emulate, we found them on black media outlets. Whether is was the Jet and Ebony on your dining room table, The black radio stations that Cathy Hughes created for us with Radio One or Bob Johnson giving us images on the TV with BET. We always had these outlets to help us understand we were making an impact in the world.

The other things that these companies showed us was that there were opportunities for innovation for African Americans in their respective industries. If there was no Jet or Ebony would there have been a Vibe, Source, Giant or Black Enterprise? If not for Radio One we would not have the powerful black music that motivates us today or the strong syndicated voices like Tom Joyner, or Yolanda Adams. And with TV there are too many examples to begin to mention. The point is that the success of these media businesses created an ecosystem of success for African Americans in those areas. (The Huffington Post)

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