Civil rights icon pushing quality education for all

By | April 25, 2011

Clarion Ledger

– More than half a century after he first moved to desegregate higher education in the Magnolia State, James Meredith is calling for another revolution.

“There is desperation in Mississippi, particularly in the Mississippi Delta,” said the 77-year-old icon who applied to attend the University of Mississippi after returning from the Air Force in 1960.

“It is finally coming home that you can’t neglect everything without the impact spreading to everybody.”

Only 10 percent of Delta seniors meet college readiness benchmarks in math, science, reading and language arts, statistics show.

“The solution, as I understand, it is not a movement to get somebody to do something but an effort to get everybody to do their little bit,” said Meredith, who broke the color barrier at Ole Miss in 1962.

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  • Amanda Jack42