NPR to cut 7 percent of workers, cancels African-American focused ‘News & Notes’

By | December 11, 2008

U.S. radio network National Public Radio will cut 7 percent of its workers and eliminate two shows because of budget shortfalls, the network said on Wednesday.

Facing a $23 million shortfall, NPR will eliminate the shows “Day to Day” and “News & Notes” in March because they failed to attract “sufficient levels of audience or national underwriting necessary to sustain continued production under these tough financial circumstances,” Dennis Haarsager, NPR’s CEO and interim president, wrote in an internal memo.

Many of the job cuts will come from those two programs.

“All our revenue sources are under pressure,” wrote Haarsager in the memo. “All industries, including the financial, automotive, and media industries, historically our biggest underwriters, are cutting back significantly.”

NPR, which has a staff of 889, said it will cut 85 jobs, including 21 unfilled positions.

“Travel and discretionary expenses have been cut across the organization,” NPR said in a statement.


  • Alberta Wilson

    Why am I not surprised? This is so typical of what happens to African Americans, the last to come and the first to g!!!

    Alberta Wilson
    Rockledge, Florida

  • Tom


    Stop whining. Contrary to what you appear to believe, not everything that happens to black people is due to their race. Things just happen sometime; certainly you are old enough and sufficiently mature to understand that. Ethnocentric prejudices such as yours perpetuate racism, so grow up.

  • Jesse J.


    I believe I speak for black people everywhere when I say “right on, brother!). Your insight and wisdom is to be admired by all. Do you lead a church or an organized group? I'd love to join and foloow your ways. Sheer genius, I must say.

  • n. cheeps

    i am not surprised to learn that you cut the one african american program on your station. the saying is that the last hired is the first fired. i thought you were wrong to get rid of bob edwards, your morning show is anemic. Now farai chidaya. i won't listen to your station another day. it's obvious you didn't want my patronage, or that of people like me, anyway .

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