Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Endorse Obama

By | February 25, 2008


National President D. Michael Langford of the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) announced the union’s endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President and plans to immediately begin activating its membership for the critical primary contests ahead. The announcement follows a vote by the union’s executive board.

The UWUA represents 70,000 active and retired members working in the gas, water, electricity and nuclear industries, including nearly 10,000 in Ohio and another 8,000 in Pennsylvania.

“Senator Obama understands our issues, supports our goals and will do what is right for utility workers, our families, our communities and our country,” President Langford said. “We join him in his fight for change in America that will put working people first. I urge every one of our members to get involved in his campaign to lead this country forward.”

Senator Barack Obama said, “I thank President Langford and the utility workers across the country for supporting our movement for change. They have stood up for the rights of their workers and as president I will stand with them to pass universal health care, cut taxes for the middle class, and create jobs. Every working American should be able to know that in this country we value their work and will reward it with a few basic guarantees – wages that can raise a family, a retirement that’s secure and dignified, and working conditions that are safe. And that’s the kind of leadership I intend to offer as President.”